Breast enlargement winner ready to 'move on' with life

The woman who won a radio competition to receive a breast augmentation says the news is going to help her "move on" with her life.

Jordan Hill, 25, had a double mastectomy after finding out she had an 87 percent risk of getting breast cancer. She said a breast enlargement would "make her feel like a woman again".

The win was soaked in some controversy after the original winner, transgender woman Dakota Hemmingson, 24, had the win taken off her due to 'irregular voting activity' was discovered by MediaWorks.

After receiving the news she was next in line to get the augmentation, Ms Hill told Newshub today she was "pretty speechless, excited and quite emotional" after learning she would be receiving implants.

She's been waiting two years to hear if she would receive surgery, meaning her life felt like it was constantly "waiting for a phone call to be normal again".

Ms Hill says she was "pretty gutted" at the backlash the competition has faced, as online and on air thought it was exploiting a common insecurity.

"People don't understand my story... if they were in my position they would go for the competition too," she said.

"But I'm a positive person so I get on with it and move on and I'm overwhelmed and really grateful - I've got a lot more positive than negative feedback and I'm moving on," she added.

"I've got no more excuses; I can go on and carry on with it."

Ms Hill says she doesn't regret her mastectomy and would encourage other young woman to get tested.

"It's worth getting done, it can save your life. Get your checks and if you see a pattern, see if you need to get it tested genetically."