Cadbury Caramilk chocolate back on shelves

Cadbury Caramilk is back
Cadbury Caramilk making a comeback

Thank God it's the end of Junk Free June, because a childhood favourite chocolate treat is back - Cadbury's Caramilk has made a return to supermarkets.

The chocolate, a solid bar which is a blend of caramelised white chocolate, was a '90s classic, but was sadly discontinued.

New World Gardens in Dunedin posted on social media today that the "golden treasure is back. In store now!"

The post has had almost 40,000 likes with countless excited comments.

A Facebook page entitled 'Bring Back Cadbury Caramilk' with over 2000 likes has also announced the beloved confectionary's return with an overjoyed post reading: "We might have won the battle!!!! Oh please oh please let it be true!!!, [sic]". 

Right now it seems only a limited number of supermarkets have the product on their shelves, but fans around New Zealand will be crossing their fingers for a full nationwide return.


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