Chrissy Teigen shares nude pic with husband and fans for Father's Day

Chrissy Teigen's nude Instagram photo for husband on Father's Day
Chrissy Teigen posts nude photo for her husband Photo credit: Instagram

Model Chrissy Teigen is already the envy of millions for being blessed with both incredible genetics and seemingly perfect happiness with singer husband, John Legend.

And it seems their happiness is in full, saccharine flow; eight hours ago, she posted a nude photo on Instagram to celebrate a surprise Father's Day trip to see her husband.

In it, she poses naked in bed, covered only with an artfully draped sheet and a cake iced with the words: "Happy Father's Day!".

"Successfully surprised John with a secret trip to see him in Boston :) gift level 10/10," she captioned the post.

Legend is currently in Boston for his Darkness and Light tour. Teigen also posted a separate Father's Day tribute to him praising his parenting skills, saying: "I don't think he could get any better".

The pair has been together for 11 years, with Legend attributing their success to always "supporting each other in everything we do".

Teigen is equally cute about her husband, but combines her loving messages with her trademark wry sense of humour.

"I always have a note in my pocket that says, "John did it", just in case I'm murdered - because I don't want him to remarry," she once tweeted.