DodgeBall cast reunites for charity video

  • 15/06/2017

White Goodman is back - although this time, it's for charity.

Ben Stiller, who plays the villainous lead character of DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story, has brought him back to the screen for his own foundation - and he's been flanked by some of Hollywood's other heavy hitters.

Thirteen years on from the hit 2004 comedy, the cast has reunited for a charity dodgeball game and created a hilarious four-minute clip to promote it which could've been taken straight from the movie.

"Hello losers. Did you miss me?" Goodman says as the video starts.

"Sorry to interrupt your internet life, but for the last 13 years, while I've been living a sugar-free, protein-forward lifestyle, I've watched as all of you have got fatter and dumber - with your hashtags and your baes and your Kanyes.

"Everyone is so PC now - even good old-fashioned bullying is out. Well, White Goodman has decided to get with the times. That's right: it's time for a little charity dodgeball, bitches."

Later, fellow DodgeBall stars Vince Vaughn, Christine Taylor and Justin Long reappear as Average Joes gym employees, while Goodman's Purple Cobras also emerge for a face off against them.

The clip even harks back to the movie by replicating one of its key gags - Goodman throwing a wrench at one of his opponent's faces.

The money raised from the dodgeball game will be given to the Stiller Foundation, which supports children around the world by giving them educational opportunities.

You can apply to play in the charity dodgeball match here.