Mathematical formula calculates the best good bad movies ever

Some call them guilty pleasures, others best worst movies, but we all have them - terrible films we just love.

From Showgirls and The Room to Troll 2 and Plan 9 from Outer Space, huge fanbases form around bad films just as they do good ones.

But rarely is mathematics used to calculate just how good bad movies are.

As it turns out, Hollywood's 1998 take on Godzilla is the best bad movie ever, according to a new study - one of a whopping six '90s films in the top 10.

Website scientifically worked out the list of 50 movies by using the following formula: (CR / RT ) x PO = GBS.

CR stands for cultural relevance (determined by Google hits), RT stands for Rotten Tomatoes score and PO stands for public opinion, which was gauged by polling the website's readership.

It's a diverse list, with comedies such as White Chicks, superhero misfires like Batman & Robin, action classics including Road House and cult horror Final Destination.

The top 15 is as follows:

  1. Godzilla
  2. Wild Wild West
  3. Congo
  4. Masters of the Universe
  5. Batman & Robin
  6. White Chicks
  7. Anaconda
  8. Final Destination
  9. Over the Top
  10. Speed 2: Cruise Control
  11. The Beach
  12. She's All That
  13. Showgirls
  14. No Holds Barred
  15. xXx

The full top 50 can be read about on