Tim Minchin in Auckland for Matilda the Musical

It's wowed audiences across the world for more than seven years and in August, Matilda the Musical is finally coming to Auckland.

The musical has won more than 85 international awards, including 16 for Best Musical, and has played in 50 cities around the world.

Australian Tim Minchin wrote the music and lyrics, and says he was unsuccessful when he first tried to get the stage rights to Matilda almost two decades ago.

"Eight years later, they came back round. It's like putting a message in a bottle and sending it out and then travelling across the world and having it wash up on your shoreline," Minchin told Newshub.

The story of Matilda was first published in the 80s by Roald Dahl. It's about a young girl who is a genius, but is treated badly by her parents.

Matilda realises she has supernatural powers and uses them to teach adults a lesson.

Minchin said Matilda is an inspiring story that appeals to both children and adults.

"[Matilda's] a strong, incredible female character who values intelligence and stories," he said.

"She represents, especially in our version, a sort of sense of self-empowerment, and in the end she's magic and it's awesome."

Matilda the Musical opens at The Civic in Auckland on August 18.


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