Review: Transformers - The Last Knight is a toxic mess

The latest Transformers movie has hit cinemas and brought with it the hope that on his fifth attempt, filmmaker Michael Bay would finally make a good one.

He hasn't.

The Last Knight is a nonsensical, dull mess tying together a series of unsatisfying action sequences. Certain offensive aspects of previous Transformers movies - the lascivious treatment of women, the racial caricatures - have been toned down or eliminated altogether, but this is still a film that is nearly impossible to enjoy on any level.

Obviously, the story is terrible, but nobody goes to these movies expecting a great narrative. Even so, most of the characters and subplots could be ommitted and it'd make it all more bearable to get to the inevitable final battle. But even that's no good.

Yes, there are explosions, guns are fired and big computer-generated robot aliens do battle.

But the action sucks. There's maybe 30 seconds of decent action in this two-and-a-half hour slog, with the vast majority being an incoherent blur.

I love countless dumb action movies - but they've got to be entertaining, and Transformers: The Last Knight is anything but.

One star