The do's and don'ts of getting naked... for art

Warning: This video contains nudity

The human figure has been depicted in paintings, drawings, and sculpture for centuries.

Artists commonly agree the human form is the toughest subject to master in their work.

Life drawing classes, where models pose nude in front of a classroom of artists, have long been used to help painters and sketchers hone their craft.  

Classes allow artists to practice with a real life model, who will often move through a series of poses during a session.

Life drawing classes are still popular today, and are sought after by experienced and beginner artists.  

But surprisingly, posing nude for a class is also popular. Classes across New Zealand often find they have a waitlist of people hoping to give modelling a go.

Models vary in age and body shape, and all have their own personal reasons for posing.   

Many agree ditching their clothes and baring it all in front of a room of onlookers helps them feel more confident about their bodies, and themselves. 

But the models are left vulnerable when they are posing naked in front of a class, so a number of rules are in place for everyone's protection.