Tom Cruise arrives in NZ for Mission: Impossible 6

Tom Cruise has touched down in Queenstown to film the next instalment of his hit Mission: Impossible franchise.

The Top Gun star was spotted arriving on a private jet early on Friday morning, getting straight into a SUV on the runway and being driven away.

Newshub's Kate Rodger spoke with Cruise in Sydney on Monday, May 22 for the Australian premiere of The Mummy.

At the time, he said he was "very excited" to return to New Zealand in "a couple of weeks", where he expects to be filming until mid-July.

"I haven't been back filming since Last Samurai," said Cruise, beaming his trademark smile.

"It's a country that is filled with so many adventures. It's so beautiful - I've been telling the cast and crew just what a treat we're all in for."

The sixth Mission: Impossible is being directed by Christopher McQuarrie, who is returning to the helm after the acclaimed last entry into the series, 2015's Rogue Nation.

Production will reportedly take place at Duffers Saddle location, on Nevis Rd near Cromwell, which may be presented as Iraq in the film.


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