Video: Ariana Grande's mum drops sick Mac Millar rap in new video

Ariana Grande's mum is cooler than yours.

In a new video from a 2013 concert which has just surfaced on Twitter, Joan Grande joins in on her daughter and Mac Millar's hit 'The Way' - but it isn't the part you might think.

While Ariana is mid-song, she passes the microphone to Joan in the audience and shouts "Go mummy!"

Joan the busts out the Mac Millar verse, effortlessly, complete with dance moves - much to the joy of the crowd.

It maybe isn't surprising that Mama Grande knows the tune so well, given that Ariana and Mac Millar have been officially together since September last year.

Her 'The Way' performance isn't the first time we've seen how much Ariana's mum is her biggest fan. When she released the Dangerous Woman album last year, Ariana posted a hilarious Instagram video of Joan's excited reaction to the music.


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