Weird TV show Naked Attraction is back, now with less pubic hair

  • 30/06/2017

The latest season of Naked Attraction has kicked off on screens in the United Kingdom, once again triggering a slew of complaints - but this time they're not all just about graphic nudity.

The dating show has a clothed person choose a date from six naked people, who are progressively revealed from the feet upwards, baring all in footage completely uncensored.

It brought in thousands of complaints when it first went to air in 2016. The first episode of the second series has just screened and featured a whopping 363 uncensored shots of female genitalia along with 166 shots of male genitalia, according to the Daily Mail.

But as the tabloid reports, viewers took to social media to query the distinct lack of pubic hair on display.

"Did pubic hair go extinct while I wasn't looking?" asked one tweeter.

 "Where's the pubes?" and "What's so bad about pubes?" asked others.

Aside from this criticism, the episode was praised for its diverse representation of sexuality, with pansexual and transsexual contestants among those competing.

Broadcaster Channel 4 amassed 1.7 million viewers over the show's first season and is keen to keep those numbers up, despite the controversy.

"In a world where dating is often reduced to swipe left or right, this is a light hearted series which aims to demystify the rules of sexual attraction for the Tinder generation," a Channel 4 spokesperson said.

"In an increasingly complicated dating world, some evolutionary psychologists and sexual scientists believe that our bodies alone may still project the best information for us to select a successful partner.

"Whilst we are socially conditioned not to judge people on their looks, could reversing the dating process and judging someone purely on their naked form actually offer us the best chance of finding a suitable mate?"

Naked Attraction is not currently screened on New Zealand TV.