Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot paid startlingly low amount for film

Gal Gadot at Wonder Woman premiere in LA
Gal Gadot at the LA Wonder Woman premiere Photo credit: Getty

Wonder Woman the movie may be raking in hundreds of millions at the global box office, but Wonder Woman herself is not.

Gal Gadot reportedly earned just US$300,000 for the film in which she was the protagonist.

The Israeli actress signed a three-picture deal with Warner Bros, which stated she'd be paid US$300,000 for each of the movies - Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman and the upcoming Justice League.

The first two of those three films have pulled in almost US$1.5 billion already, of which Gadot's share appears to be less than 0.05 percent so far.

Her earning information was released by Israeli entertainment show Good Evening with Gai Pines and has stirred up internet controversy for its small sum.

On the surface, other superhero actors such as Chris Evans could claim to be similarly hard done (well, by Hollywood standards). He earned US$300,000 for his first appearance as Captain America in The First Avenger.

Chris Hemsworth also received the relatively small amount of US$200,000 for his first outing as Thor in 2011.

Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans
Avengers stars Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans Photo credit: Getty

Gadot's fee for Batman V Superman - her first film as Wonder Woman - seems comparable to Evans and Hemsworth's respective first outings as superheroes.

However, many are arguing she should have been paid more for the standalone Wonder Woman film - perhaps something closer to Robert Downey Jr's reported US$500,000 for his first Iron Man film, which was upped to US$10 million for the second instalment of the franchise.

Furthermore, many comparisons are being drawn between Gadot and her DC co-star Henry Cavill, who earned US$14 million for his first time playing Superman in Man of Steel, including bonuses he received after the box office release.

It's not known what sort of bonuses Gadot could be expected to earn on top of her US$300,000 payment for Wonder Woman, which is currently still in New Zealand cinemas.