10 of the weirdest fragrances you can choose to smell like

Demeter's  New Zealand scented perfume
Demeter's New Zealand scented perfume. Photo credit: Demeter's Instagram

Last week saw the release of the scent designed to make you smell like losing a baby tooth - yep, not the scent of teeth themselves, but the experience of losing one. So with that in mind, we decided to compile a list of the world's weirdest fragrances for you. 

1. Losing a tooth

In one of the beauty industry's more surreal moments, fragrance house Serge Lutens has developed a scent to remind you of losing a baby tooth. No, it doesn't actually smell like teeth. It's supposed to smell like dental-related childhood memories - warm, powdery and with a strong metallic finish. How... how... how French. 

2. Kitten fur

We all like to go home and smother our largely unimpressed cats in kisses. And we all know that musky, purry cat scent. Now Demeter, the royal family of weird fragrance makers, has produced a scent that smells like that "purrfect spot, just behind a kitten's neck". 

3. New books

We all know smelling a new book is the olfactory equivalent of biting into a warm eclair. Now we have a perfume that recreates that scent. It smells "like that distinctive mix of paper and ink" and was crafted from smelling actual paper samples.

4. Apple MacBook Air

Yep, you can smell like a laptop. This scent has notes of plastic wrap, cardboard and a fresh-out-of-the-factory feel. It was crafted by specialist perfumery Air Aroma, and unfortunately isn't available to the public. But never fear, devoted Apple fans, you can still buy the scented "New Apple Mac" candle here. 

5. Republicans 

You'd think the smell of a Republican would be money, arrogance and regressive health care policies, right? Sadly not. This scent, designed to make you smell like a Trump voter, has notes of sensually soft apple blossom, rose and lily of the valley. How... unfitting.

6. New Zealand

Sometimes you feel moderately patriotic - just not enough to buy Sky and watch an All Blacks game. This is when you need Demeter's New Zealand perfume. This scent is crafted by Americans who think we smell like plant leaves, barks, grass, snow, ocean, river and stone. Well, at least it's not BO and fried food. 

7. Clairvoyant

Want to smell like someone who sees dead people? Well, God knows what communicating with the dead smells actually like. But according to perfumery Taken For Strange Women, it smells like eucalyptus, white sage and three types of lavender.

8. Burnt toast

Want to smell like one of those mornings when everything goes to pieces? Now you can! Apparently this perfume smells exactly like burnt toast. Mmmm....carbs.

9. Brothel 

You would have thought that brothels smelt like Dettol and air freshener. Apparently not. This scent, "Bordello", aims to make you smell like a massage parlour, with its notes of plum, amaretto and blackcurrant. 

10. Weed 

Do you want to smell like weed without the inconvenience of actually organising to buy drugs? Well, sit down, son. We think they should have called it, "stink like a stoner", but fragrance house Fresh has created "Cannabis Santal Eau de Parfum". Dope.