Actor Michael Rapaport ridicules 'dumb f**k' who made headlines with DEVAST8 face tattoo

Actor Michael Rapaport has published an online video ridiculing the violent Kiwi criminal who hit headlines recently over his facial tattoo.

The True Romance and Men of Honor star has labelled the ex-convict a "dumb, dizzy f**k" who looks "f**king bananas".

Mark Cropp, 19, has the word 'DEVAST8' inked over the lower half of his face, claiming to have had it done while drunk in prison.

He spent two years behind bars for pulling a knife on a tourist after trying to sell them fake cannabis, then gained international news coverage of his troubles in finding post-prison employment.

"Have you seen this tattooed-face dumb f**k?" Rapaport asks his viewers in a Twitter video.

"You got 'devastate' tattooed across your face? You got your brother to do it and now you're complaining because you can't get a f**king job? The only thing you devastated was your life, you dumb, dizzy f**k, you."

After the insults, Rapaport does give Cropp some advice on what he should do.

"You need to beat your brother's ass with reckless abandon. Then go get a job in a tattoo removal parlour, because that's the only f**king thing you can do to give back to society, because you look f**king bananas."

On Monday, Cropp told Newshub he was on the brink of choosing a job after receiving multiple offers.

Warning: The video below contains uncensored coarse language.