Boxing fan forges ID, joins Conor McGregor's entourage

A British YouTuber has earned himself a huge profile boost after documenting how he got backstage at a press conference for the most highly anticipated boxing bout in history.

Zac Alsop had already made headlines last year when he posed as an athlete and hitched a ride on a parade float at the Rio Olympics, but has since blown that out of the water with his latest act of forgery.

This time, he walked out as part of UFC fighter Conor McGregor's entourage on the London leg of a press tour promoting his fight against undefeated featherweight boxer Floyd Mayweather.

In a YouTube video posted to his account, Alsop shows how he managed to use his Photoshop skills to create a fraudulent VIP promoter pass to get past security.

Once he got inside the venue, Alsop was then able to sidestep a number of extra security guards and Mayweather henchmen to get to his "cauliflower-eared hero", Conor McGregor, as he prepared to walk out into the ring.

Footage filmed by Alsop shows the Irishman reacting angrily to being branded the "former UFC featherweight champion" by the announcer, before walking out to a chorus of cheers.

At that point, Alsop was forced to jump back out of the entourage and he elected to join the scores of media ringside for the remainder of the event.

While obviously pleased that he got as far as he did, Alsop failed to ask McGregor the question he had burning in the back of his mind once he was presented with the opportunity: "Would you prefer 20 duck-sized Mayweathers, or one Mayweather-sized duck?"

However, as Alsop so delicately put it, he "bitched out" and failed to take his chance to speak to him.

Regardless, his exploits have earned him huge publicity, which can only raise the possibility of his dream of McGregor flying him out for Las Vegas for the bout becoming a reality.