Channing Tatum stuns buyers of his vodka in person

  • 24/07/2017

Channing Tatum shocked some US customers of his new vodka range so much, they're going to need a drink.

The Magic Mike actor launched his brand of Born and Bred Vodka earlier this year and recently surprised several people who ordered some online.

Tatum went live on Facebook to broadcast his encounter with one fan.  

"Holly f**king shit," says Britney, a customer, as Tatum and his team suddenly pop up in front of her on the street.

Britney struggles to find words during the hilarious interaction, before suggesting, "Shall we go bother my boyfriend?"

"Please, let's go bother your boyfriend," Tatum replies.

"I would love to bother your boyfriend... as long as he doesn't hit me, we're good."

The group then head to their apartment, surprising Britney's boyfriend Clayton in the bedroom.

Other customers also posted pictures on social media after being surprised by Tatum in their homes and workplaces.

Nate Timmerman wrote on Instagram: "So THIS just happened: ordered a bottle of vodka and [Channing Tatum] shows up to deliver!!!! Only in LA!"