Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller cried, ate macaroni and cheese just before entering prison

Abby Lee Miller on her way to prison.
Abby Lee Miller on her way to prison. Photo credit: Lifetime

Abby Lee Miller's final moments of freedom before starting her prison sentence were spent eating and asking how far away the toilet was.

The Dance Moms star weeps in footage of the occasion after eating macaroni and cheese out of Tupperware in the back seat of a vehicle taking her to the Federal Correctional Complex in Victorville, California.

Miller appears to be emotional in the clip, which is a sneak peek at Dance Moms: Abby Tells All, broadcast in the US this week.

"Can you tell me, um... from where we get out of the car to where I could go to the ladies' room, is it far?" she asks in between sobs.

She started her one year and one day sentence on July 12, after being convicted of fraud in 2016.

Miller had attempted to hide US$775,000 of income from Dance Moms, its spin-off Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition and multiple other projects.

At a red carpet event in Los Angeles days , Miller told Entertainment Tonight she had recovered well from weight loss surgery she undertook earlier in 2017.

"My eyes and brain and still ordering off a menu like they used to," adding that she's not worried about putting weight back on in prison because, "I'll just have me to concentrate on... I've always put everybody else's child first before my own health."

She also said she "might" teach inmates dance while behind bars.