Doll or human? 'Barbie' model Duckie Thot confuses the Internet with her beauty

  • 04/07/2017
'Barbie' model Duckie Thot confuses the Internet with her beauty
Nyadak Thot, aka Duckie Thot Photo credit:

A striking model is confusing internet users with a photo posted online that many believe is so stunning, she must be a doll.  

Nyadak Thot, aka Duckie Thot, was a star of the 2013 series of Australia's Next Top Model when she was 17, finishing in third place.

The photo causing a fuss is captioned "Ducks after dark" on social media. In it, she wears a black and gold dress and stares into the camera with both hands resting on her thigh.

"I won't believe she's real until I see her in person," one commenter posted, while several others simply commented, "Barbie".

Thot is of South Sudanese descent, was born and raised in Australia and is currently based in New York.

She doesn't seem to be offended by the confounded commenters, retweeting multiple stories about the response along with meme-style jokes and even sending the official Barbie account a message encouraging them to make a "Duckie barbie doll".

Thot has spoken about encouraging greater representation of women of colour in the modelling industry.

Another recent post she retweeted was a message from the mother of a girl who "hated" her own skin colour, but was inspired to be proud of herself because of Thot.