Justin Bieber surprises kids in hospital

  • 19/07/2017

Justin Bieber has taken time out at the start of a North American tour to surprise patients at the Children's Hospital of Orange County.

The Canadian pop star is pictured in several social media posts from happy youngsters and their loved ones, giving him a boost of positive publicity.

"Our nurse comes in and asks Victoria if she's been asked about having a visitor? We say no. She ask if she likes 'x' person. She says YES. Nurse exits the room. We discuss if she's joking or not," wrote a loved one of one patient on Instagram.

"I explain that famous people come visit sick kids at children's hospitals all the time. In this person walks. Introduces themselves to Victoria and we sit stunned. Victoria's smile was amazing and huge."

"Today I got a once in a life time chance to share a heart to heart conversation, several smiles, hugs, but most importantly a beautiful prayer that @justinbieber said," another wrote on Instagram.

"This is the side the world deserves to see of him. His beautiful soul and personality that definitely touched my heart forever."

Bieber kicks off his latest stadium tour in Arlington, Texas on July 29.