Kanye West, Jay Z feud going legal - report

Kanye West has reportedly quit Jay Z's streaming service Tidal and is suing the company, as the pair's beef escalates.

In an infamous on-stage rant last year, the 'Stronger' hitmaker begged Jay Z not to send "killers" after him, demanding he instead talk to him "like a man".

Kanye was a crucial part of the launch of Tidal, a heavily criticised 'artist-owned' rival to Spotify and Apple Music, but now he says it is in breach of contract, according to TMZ.

"We're told Kanye's beef with TIDAL is twofold," TMZ writes.

"His Life of Pablo album resulted in 1.5 million new subscribers to Tidal, for which he was supposed to get a bonus but the company hasn't paid. Kanye also says Tidal reneged on reimbursing him for music videos."

The gossip website also reports that Tidal alleges that Kim Kardashian's husband hasn't delivered the videos he's required to have according to the contract - but he says he'll deliver them when he's paid.

Kanye deleted a bunch of tweets about Tidal when it began haemorrhaging subscribers in its first few weeks and released his Pablo album on its rivals, after vowing to permanently have it exclusively on Jay Z's service alone.

More recently, Beyonce's husband accused Kanye of losing his "principles" on his track 'Kill Jay Z', while Kanye cited "Tidal-Apple bullshit" as a reason for the pair's falling out.