Katy Perry gushes about her great 'love' for New Zealand

Katy Perry has spoken out about her love for New Zealand, saying she wants to "get a little home away from home" on our shores.

Talking to The Edge's Jay Jay and Dom in Australia on Monday, the 'Roar' singer couldn't hold back her admiration for Aotearoa.

"I love New Zealand, it's so beautiful - it feels like the Garden of Eden," Perry gushed.

"I kind of want to get a little home away from home in New Zealand. I just love how fresh and beautiful it is."

Considering Perry's beef with Lorde's bestie Taylor Swift, you might expect her to be a little icy on our most successful music export; but she had nothing but praise for the 20-year-old.

"I love Lorde! She's amazing... she's so beautiful and poetic." 

Perry said she wasn't the only superstar that loves little old NZ; remembering a "crazy helicopter tour" recommended to her by another A-lister.

"Kate Winslet said to do it, and she's super cool so I said 'sure I'll do that'," she says.

"We flew up to the glaciers and I caught some lobster from the sea [and] I hung out with sea lions -  it was a wild adventure".

Perry also expressed her love of our "good New Zealand wine".

"I had so much fun... I got so twisted last time I was there."

Perry's latest album Witness was released last month.