Kirin J Callinan's 'grotesque' music comes to Kiwi stages

An Australian singer known for his vulgar but strangely comedic music says he's stoked to be back in New Zealand for two shows.

Kirin J Callinan recently released his third album, Bravado, and is performing in Auckland and Wellington.

"It's ugly, it's vulgar, grotesque, aggressive," Callinan told Newshub.

He's well used to "taking the piss" in his music and he literally does that on Bravado's cover.

"I'm pissing all over myself," he said.

He tried using iced tea, but says it wasn't authentic enough. So he took matters into his own hands.

"It wasn't a strange thing to do, what was strange was afterwards finding out there were no showers at the studio," he said.

Callinan's unique sound has earned him a solid fan base.

Last year he was hand-picked by Crowded House to play their opening act at the Sydney Opera House.

"It was a privilege," he said.

"When I got the email from Neil [Finn] I can't remember what I did first, whether it was cry or dance around the apartment."

But it's fair to say Crowded House fans weren't quite expecting to hear his music.

"There's a very different reaction you know, people at first scratching their heads, maybe thinking it's not what they paid for," Callinan said.

Despite being booed, he says most of the audience eventually embraced his performance.

He's hoping for more of that from Auckland and Wellington's crowds on Thursday and Friday nights.

"It really does feel like a special privilege to be able to come here and then that feeling is reciprocated, you know the fact, that you've made the effort to come over."

After his Kiwi shows he's hoping to head to the US to catch up with his band, who are currently touring with John Mayer.


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