Millie Elder Holmes shares disgust at article claiming NZ women are 'the worst'

Millie Elder Holmes
Elder Holmes has struck out at the sexist website Photo credit: Facebook

Millie Elder Holmes has struck out at an extremist website over an article claiming New Zealand women are the worst in the Western world.

The article, which has been shared widely on social media, was published on - which is for misogynists comparable to what is for Neo-Nazis.

Kiwi women are hatefully described in the article as "painfully average sluts", among other slurs.

Elder Holmes, daughter of deceased New Zealand broadcaster Paul Holmes and actress Hinemoa Elder, runs health and wellness Facebook page Clean Eatz NZ.

Sharing the Return of Kings article on her page, Elder Holmes wrote: "The fact the a New Zealand man has written this about New Zealand women I think shows the serious lack of respect and appreciation for what I consider some of the most amazing, kind, inspirational forward thinking women on the planet.

"I really hope this isn't the opinion of the majority of nz men."

Her post has received almost 300 comments, with fans of Elder Holmes expressing disgust at the hate speech.

"This is what's wrong with society," one woman wrote, while another called it "an attention seeking piss take".