The 150 worst albums by men announced by Jezebel

  • 27/07/2017
Kid Rock tops list of the 150 worst albums by men
Kid Rock - the worst man? Photo credit: Getty

A list of the 150 worst albums made by men has been published by, as a response to an article listing the 150 greatest albums made by women on

Kid Rock tops the list of shame with his 2007 release Rock N Roll Jesus, with Metallica, Eminem, Bruce Willis and Bob Dylan also in the top ten.

The article is written by Julianne Escobedo Sepherd and has received thousands of comments and shares on social media.

"I think the very concept of canon is bullsh*t... it's unfailingly ordained by people in power - usually men, creating a kind of circular hell," writes Shepherd.

"That said, here is our canon of dread! We didn't really need to acknowledge that, for every 150 great albums by women that get made, there are at least twice as many terrible ones made by men, but as a thought exercise it was fun to think about the male albums that I, and my coworkers at Jezebel and the wider net at Gizmodo Media Group, think are the shi*tiest."

Joni Mitchell topped NPR's list with Blue, while the top - or bottom - 20 albums on Jezebel's list are presented below.

20. Robin Thicke, Paula

19. Trapt, Amalgamation

18. Methods of Mayhem, A Public Disservice Announcement

17. Train, Bulletproof Picasso

16. James Taylor, Greatest Hits

15. Justin Timberlake, 20/20 Part II

14. Creed, Human Clay

13. U2, Songs of Innocence

12. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, This Unruly Mess I've Made

11. Joe Scarborough Band, Mystified

10. Maná, Drama y Luz

9. Eminem, Relapse

8. Bruce Willis, The Return of Bruno

7. Bob Dylan, Christmas in the Heart

6. Kevin Federline, Playing With Fire

5. Toby Keith, 35 MPH Town

4. Chainsmokers, Memories... Do Not Open

3. Lou Reed & Metallica, Lulu

2. Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Last Rebel

1. Kid Rock, Rock N Roll Jesus

The full list of 150 is viewable on