The Bachelor NZ: What was Claudia really thinking?

Claudia Hoskins
Claudia Hoskins has revealed all in a new blog post. Photo credit: Mediaworks NZ.

Ex-Bachelorette Clauda Hoskins has penned a revealing blog based around her secret journal, which reveals her innermost thoughts during her time in the Bachelor mansion. 

On her new blog 'Claudia Anne'; "A raw, unedited and unapologetic version of me", Hoskins has posted an entry titled 'Memoirs of a hungry Bachelorette'. In the post, she has included photos of her journal pages that she took while filming the reality show, competing for the heart of Bachelor Zac Franich. 

In the snapshot into her thoughts during filming, it becomes clear that some sneaking weight gain was of a concern to Hoskins, as food was a large part of the life for the girls stuck inside the mansion all day. 

"I'm just a massive foodie, and we had so much food. These big buffet breakfasts…sometimes there wasn't much to do so I was just always looking forward to the next meal," Hoskins explained to Newshub. 

"I started to be very aware I was putting on weight. It wasn't from any added pressure from the other girls or the producers; it was just something I was trying combat."

Journal entries show her clear efforts to lose weight, with Hoskins congratulating herself on days she chose healthier options. "Breakfast was lots of pineapple and watermelon, a long black, bacon and an omelette," one entry reads. 

The Bachelor NZ: What was Claudia really thinking?
Photo credit: Claudia Hoskins

She also jokes that she "must exercise today, need to keep up fitness for sex". 

Hoskins also showed how close she was to walking out on the show, making a pros and cons list of staying on in the mansion. On the pros list were "potentially find love", "learn about me" and "def make a new friend", while cons were "lack of support system, missing friends and family", and facing a "potential broken heart". 

The Bachelor NZ: What was Claudia really thinking?
Photo credit: Claudia Hoskins

She also plans and reflects on dates with Franich, in one journal entry writing "if he does talk to me then maybe I'll say I've been feeling homesick and not very confident anymore". 

Hoskins also accurately picks the top five remaining Bachelorettes, which she says is proof she's "psychic". 

Hoskins told Newshub that starting the blog was prompted by "a love of writing" and wanting to give insight into her experiences in the public eye.