Amy Schumer fought to be paid same as male comedians for Netflix special

Amy Schumer wants to be paid the same as men
Amy Schumer wants to be paid the same as men Photo credit: Getty

Another day, another story that proves we most certainly do not live in a post-feminist age.

Luckily, Amy Schumer is out there, fighting for the radical notion that women should be paid the same as men to do the same job.

The Trainwreck star recently signed a reported US$11 million deal for her special Netflix stand-up performance, the Leather Special.

However, just after she signed, stories began to circulate of Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle getting paid US$20 million for similar gigs.

Consequently, Schumer went back to Netflix to negotiate a higher fee. While it is uncertain whether they agreed on US$20 million, Netflix did increase her income to closer align with those of the male comedians.

The story is one in a stream of recent publications about the gender pay gap in Hollywood.

This week, Forbes released the list of the world's top-earning Hollywood and Bollywood stars. The highest-paid female star Emma Stone, who came in at 15th.

Yes, the highest-earning female in the world is paid less than 14 men.

Furthermore, only five female stars earned over US$15 million, in comparison to 19 male stars. The disparity has been linked to a lack of opportunities for older women in film.

All but three of the top-earning male actors were over 50; whereas only one actress, Julia Roberts, came close to that at 49.


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