Block contestants get matching tattoos

Nate's tattoo on the Block
The contestants all got variations on the same design. Photo credit: Mediaworks

While The Block contestants have left a permanent mark on the Auckland housing scene, The Block is also leaving a permanent mark on them.

Three of the four teams on this year's show have gotten matching tattoos to commemorate their time together on the building site. Andy and Nate, Stace and Yanita, and Ling and Zing all went to the tattoo parlour together, and watched each other get inked.

Andy's tattoo.
Andy's tattoo. Photo credit: Mediaworks

The twins, who have no tattoos, chose not to participate.

One of the Hamilton brothers-in-law, Andy, said the tattoo was "to commemorate a once in a lifetime experience", to which Yanita added "to remind myself every time I put on shoes that I lived in steel caps for three months!"

The tattoos are all slightly different, but are all a variation on a crossed paint roller and hammer, to remind them of undertaking the renovations.  The teams said the design was Nate's idea.

Nate's tattoo.
Nate's tattoo. Photo credit: Mediaworks.

It was the first tattoo only for Stace, who describes the experience as "fun and exciting".

"It was my first time, so was pretty happy to be sharing it with Yanni," she said.

Nate and Andy both have multiple tattoos dedicate to their Christian faith, while Christchurch brothers Ling and Zing already had the phrase 'Sanguine fratrum', which means' blood brothers'. Their other brother Sol also has one. Yanita, who already had four tattoos, said the exprence was "painless and easy".

Stace's tattoo.
Stace's tattoo. Photo credit: Mediaworks.

All team members said they "loved" their Block tattoos, with no regrets. The only tattoo Nate said he ever regretted was one on his wrist, which he said looks like "sergeant stripes".

Zing's tattoo.
Zing's tattoo. Photo credit: Mediaworks.

While most contestants got their tattoos in places they were happy to show off, Ling got his on his bum, so we chose not to show that one!

The Block NZ airs Sundays 7pm and Mon-Wed 7.30pm on Three.