Guile from Street Fighter now sells hair gel in Japan

Guile from Street Fighter now sells hair gel in Japan
Guile from Street Fighter, hair gel spokesperson Photo credit: J-Gel

Guile, the American character with a unique hairstyle from the Street Fighter videogame series, is now selling hair gel in Japan.

He is the new spokesperson for J-Gel from Yanagiya, a company that's been making cosmetics since 1615.

In an interview on the company's website, accompanied by pictures of a photoshoot with the fictional character, Guile explains the importance of keeping his distinctive hairdo in place.

"If my hairstyle is disturbed, I am conscious of correcting immediately," he says in the interview, which has been translated from Japanese.

"A disturbed hairstyle leads to disorder of the heart. It's not cool."

Street Fighter star Guile becomes spokesperson for J-Gel from Yanagiya
Guile poses for the cameras Photo credit: J-Gel

He adds that even after performing his signature somersault kick several times, his rigidly fixed hairstyle remained stable, thanks to the gel.

Guile also talks about rival Street Fighter characters Ken and Zangief in the interview, but mostly he talks about hair and gel.

A major in the US Air Force, Guile made his debut in 1991's Street Fighter II.