How to Dad hilariously reveals third child on the way

How to Dad hilariously reveals third child on the way
Photo credit: Facebook / How to DAD

Jordan Watson, the stay-at-home parent behind the hugely popular YouTube account How to Dad, has announced his third child is on the way in a comical new video.

The father-of-two will soon be a father-of-three - with the 29-year-old announcing the baby is due later this year in a video posted to How to Dad's Facebook page.

The announcement was a befuddling one, as it was disguised as an instructional video on how to tell people you're having a baby - with the first and only rule being not to post it on Facebook.

"Don't do it on Facebook - it's already full of people posting baby stuff and then your friends end up blocking other friends because of too much baby stuff," he said.

"So number one rule, don't post on Facebook. So this is me and How to Mum officially telling you that we do not have another baby due later this year."

Drawing on his two daughters Mila, four, and Alba, two, to back him up so that he doesn't break his rule, he asks "Do we have another baby on the way?" which of course garners an enthusiastic "Yeah!"

"You can't say that on Facebook, you've got to say, 'No'," he explained - but they refused to listen.

Last year, Watson received almost $85,000 in NZ On Air funding to go towards a five-episode web series based on his hugely popular character, called How to Dad: Legend of the Gumboot.

The How to Dad YouTube account has more than 150,000 subscribers.


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