Jono and Ben's awkward take on Newshub's Bill English interview

  • 25/08/2017

Jono and Ben's creative team have re-edited a Newshub interview with Bill English - and the result is one of the most cringe-inducing viewing experiences since the Prime Minister's infamous 'walk-run' video.

The team took excerpts of an interview RadioLIVE's Ryan Bridge had conducted with Mr English, and then edited them to make it appear as though it was among the most awkward political interviews in history.

Beginning with a question about whether Mr English was as boring as some of his detractors claim he is, Mr English immediately says no.

But rather than continue on to talk about how hard it is to inject personality into his public life, as he did in the real interview, he just leaves it at that - meaning Bridge and Mr English are forced to simply stare aimlessly at each other in total silence.

After a period of scarcely bearable rubbernecking, Bridge eventually moves on to his second question: "What are your favourite colour socks to wear?"

"Blue," Mr English replies, breaking out in a smug grin - but again he doesn't follow it up with any kind of rationale, resulting in another rather uneasy pause.

"If you were a biscuit, what kind of biscuit would you be?"

"Well my favourite biscuits are mint creams," he says, this time garnering a forced laugh along with another silence from Bridge.

The heavily edited interview with Mr English featured on Thursday night's episode of Jono and Ben on Three.

Meanwhile, Jono and Ben also pranked Guy Williams on the show, rebranding the outspoken left-leaning comedian's car with National Party advertising.