Kanye West ready to attack Taylor Swift - report

Kanye is getting ready to get his claws out
Kanye is getting ready to get his claws out Photo credit: Getty


There's trouble brewing in the blissful peaks of Calabasas as Kanye West prepares to unleash his fury upon Taylor Swift.

Hollywood Life has wrangled an exclusive interview with an 'insider' who says Kim Kardashian's husband is riled up and ready to unload should the 'Bad Blood' singer diss his wife on her new album, Reputation.

Taylor and Kanye had an infamous falling out in 2016 that started with the rapper claiming in a song that he was responsible for her success - and he may still have sex with her.

With the first Reputation single due out any moment (August 24 in the US), Kim is said to be worried Tay Tay will throw the shade...

"Kanye is ready to battle with Taylor if she takes shots at Kim in her new album," the source tells Hollywood Life.

"Kanye is locked and loaded if Taylor dares come after his wife Kim in her new song."

Reportedly he doesn't have a diss track ready to instantly unleash, but Kanye is said to be confident as "a creative genius [who] can drop a rebuttal track within hours of Taylor releasing anything."

"Kanye is famously protective of his wife, especially after the rocky year they've both had," says the insider.

"They are in a good, happy, healthy place and he will be pissed if Taylor does anything to interrupt or bother his family."

Who's ready to settle in and get popcorn for what's going to be the most dope diss track battle of 2017?