Kiwis killing it at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

New Zealand is doing itself exceptionally proud in Edinburgh on the 70th anniversary of the Edinburgh Fringe.

The festival is the Wimbledon of performance art; an artistic mecca, a place where performers are made and broken - their endurance, vocal chords and resolve challenged to the limits.

The Kiwi artists are going hard with back-to-back shows, flyering, freebies, self-promotion in the extreme and are already serious stand-outs.

It's the first time at the Fringe for the Modern Maori Quartet who, in pursuit of world domination, are planning to dedicate a month a year, for at least three years, to the festival.

Barnie Duncan aka Juan Vesuvius is onto his fourth year at the Fringe, destroying the d-floor with his hilarious and perhaps surprisingly educational history of house music.

Wellingtonians Trick of the Light are also festival veterans, stars in all of their fields, and their fields are many - puppetry, acting, shadow puppetry, music, storytelling and dance.

Inspired in large part by Charlie Chaplin and other legends of silent comedy, clowning and mime, White Face Crew are a credit to their art and make it 100 percent accessible and enjoyable all these gazillions of years after its inception.

These acts only scratch the surface of the New Zealand empire at Edinburgh - and we haven't even got started on Kiwi contributions to Arts or Book festivals.

Support them here, there or anywhere you can - you will not regret it.