Mark Richardson reveals topless waiter past

The AM Show's Mark Richardson has revealed that before he became a top cricketer, he was a topless waiter on England's south coast.

Expressing astonishment at a poll showing most people believe bow ties are still acceptable attire in the wake of United Future leader Peter Dunne's resignation, Richardson spilled the beans on his former occupation.

"This surprises me [because] 68 percent of people say yes, it is okay [to wear a bow tie]. They're a bit geeky aren't they? They look alright, maybe, without a shirt," he said to stunned fellow hosts Amanda Gillies and Eric Young.

"Please explain," Gillies replied.

"Let's just say there was a time in my youth when I may have been a topless waiter," Richardson went on.

"It was a long, long time ago. Brighton, England. The wages weren't flash. Sometimes on the right chassis a bow tie looks alright."

Delving into the rationale behind his decision to take up the profession, Richardson said it was down to one thing: "I just needed the money."

"I was over there playing cricket - I was an amateur in those days, it was 1992, and I needed a job," he said.

"The crazy thing was it was at breakfast time - I was a topless breakfast waiter. There was nothing tasteless or distasteful about it - it was a fine breakfast we served."

The revelation left both Young and Gillies in hysterics, with the latter forced to read the weather bulletin between fits of laughter.