New Stephen King film It gets glowing reviews

The infamously terrifying clown Pennywise has been lauded as nightmare-inducing. Photo credit: Supplied

Early reactions to the latest Stephen King film to hit the big screen, It, have produced unanimously glowing reviews, with some critics already naming it one of the top films of the year.

The social media embargo lifted over the weekend, releasing the first drop of critic's reactions. Rotten Tomatoes reported that it's not just the scariest movie of the year, it may even have already cemented itself as a classic of the horror genre. 

Actor Bill Skarsgard's performance as the infamously terrifying clown Pennywise has been lauded as nightmare-inducing.

Fans of both Stephen King's original epic novel and the 1990 miniseries will be pleased after reports surfaced the new film is heavily inspired by the book, while also extending the story.

The film hits theatres next month, and a television version of detective thriller Mr Mercedes has just started airing in the US.

The overwhelmingly positive reviews come after the legendary horror writer banned US President Donald Trump from watching the upcoming film.

"Donald Trump blocked me on Twitter. I am hereby blocking him from seeing IT or MR. MERCEDES. No clowns for you, Donald. Go float yourself," he wrote on Twitter.

Mr King has been an outspoken critic of the US President. Mr Trump blocked him in June, after the Carrie author tweeted: "That this guy has his finger on the nuclear trigger is worse than any horror story I ever wrote."