Paris Hilton teases the world with new reality TV show

Paris Hilton may be back...
Paris Hilton may be back... Photo credit: Instagram

Hold the flip-phone! The darling of the naughties, Paris Hilton, may be returning to our TV screens. The icon of the 'low rise jeans with a thong' era has hinted that she's in a new show. 

She tweeted that she's, "doing a new TV show that I'm really excited about, as well as my real estate projects around the world." 

She's been busy since she shot to fame on 'The Simple Life' with her now ex 'best friend for life', Nicole Richie. After an attempt at another reality show, Paris Hilton's, My new BFF,  she's been designing handbags, shoes, accessories and DJing at overpriced nightclubs around the world. 

It also seems that her notorious single, 'Stars are Blind', was not enough to deter the heiress from future recording deals. She also tweeted promising an upcoming new album and even a fragrance to boot. 

It's a lot of promises, but one thing is for certain... this sounds juicier than a 2003 velour tracksuit.