Spice Girls movie returning to cinemas for 20th anniversary

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Spice World is returning to cinemas - but sadly for Kiwi fans, not in New Zealand.


Officially listed as one of "the most enjoyably bad movies ever" by the Official Razzie Movie Guide and beloved by Spice Girls fans, the film was a hit at the box office - taking over US$100 million globally.

In September, special one-off screenings are taking place in cinemas across the UK and the 'Wannabe' hitmakers say they're "hoping" to do something for fans internationally, too.

"Our very special announcement is that we have organised for a 20th anniversary screening of Spice World The Movie to be shown at a cinema near you," says the Facebook page.

"At the moment this is just for cinemas in the UK but we are hoping to organise something for fans across the world soon."

After successful initial ticket sales to the UK sessions, more have been added - so there is hope for Kiwi fans that their favourite movie could be back on the big screen here.


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