Starley says she's no one-hit wonder

Australian singer-songwriter Starley Hope wrote a song that has already reached almost half-a-billion people worldwide.

Yet just a couple of years ago she was convinced she wanted to quit songwriting and become a personal trainer.

Her chart-topping song 'Call On Me' has been remixed by Ryan Riback and has more than 50 million views on YouTube. 

The 29-year-old originally created an acoustic version which happened to be produced by Kiwi artist P-Money.

Starley says it was written during one of the worst moments of her life. The singer moved back in with her parents in Sydney after an unsuccessful stint in London, and was seriously thinking about turning her back on music.

But one day, the song just came to her. 

"I started pouring my heart out on the piano because I had a piano in my bedroom at my parents' house, and I started playing it and wrote the song 'Call On Me'."

"When I finished writing it, I thought there's no one else that could do it justice more than I can because it's my story."

Her story has resonated with millions, and while her fans credit her lyrics for getting them through tough times she says she owes her success to her mum.

"My Dad was like, 'No, don't name her Starley - she's going to get teased at school,' but my Mum was like, 'No.' She was adamant I was going to be a star, so she gave me a stage name."

Starley says she's no one-hit wonder and new music is on the way.

"The next one coming out is a little tropical, it's a little R&B-slanted and it's going to be really cool." 

Her first album is expected to be released this year, but in the meantime she's touring the UK. 

She's a singer whose success was written in the stars, and ultimate goal is to sell-out Wembley Stadium or Madison Square Garden.