Stephen King's It now terrifying fans in virtual reality

  • 16/08/2017

Ahead of the new It movie hitting cinemas, a virtual reality experience has been released to terrify horror fans.

It: Float VR will allow fans of the Stephen King horror to walk around Derry, the town it's set in - and even venture into the sewers where the evil clown Pennywise awaits them.

Players will be put in the role of the character Georgie as his beloved paper boat disappears down a storm drain, as depicted in the 1990 and 2017 films.

From there, well, bad things are said to happen as Pennywise informs the player, "We all float down here... and you will too".

It: Float VR can be experienced on the official It website using YouTube 360, Facebook 360, Littlstar, Samsung VR or Jaunt VR, or can be watched as a 360-degree film on desktop or smartphone.