Stephen King wasn't prepared for how good new It is, has seen it twice

  • 01/09/2017

Horror legend Stephen King has already seen the new It movie twice and says he was "not prepared" for how good it is.

The author penned the book the film is based on, along with several other adaptations including The Shining, Carrie, The Shawshank Redemption, Pet Sematary, Stand by Me, Misery, The Green Mile and The Running Man.

King's It had already been adapted for the screen with a 1990 mini-series, but the new scary clown movie has really impressed him a great deal.

"I had hopes, but I was not prepared for how good it really was... I went back and saw it a second time, and I felt I was seeing things the second time through that I missed the first time," he tells Bloody Disgusting.

"Bill Skarsgard was great as Pennywise, and he's got big shoes to fill. Let's face it. Because people remember Tim Curry as Pennywise the Clown, and they remember the look that Pennywise had.

"I'm sure my fans will enjoy the movie. I think they're gonna really enjoy the movie. And I think some of them will go back two or three times and actually savour the thing."

It opens in New Zealand cinemas on September 7.