'That magic spark is gone' - The Edge's Jay-Jay and Dom announce separation

Radio stars Jay-Jay Feeney and Dominic Harvey have announed they are living apart after nearly two decades together.

The pair, who have been hosting The Edge's breakfast show together under different monikers for the majority of their relationship, said their romance has lost its magic - with Harvey saying their relationship is closer to that of siblings.

The couple made the announcement just after 7am on Friday morning, with the third host of the Jay-Jay, Dom & Randell breakfast show, Clinton Randell, also taken off guard by the news.

"I'm quite nervous about this. You might have noticed little signs - like me and Dom emailing each other from home and having different stories from the night before," she said.

"Dom and I are currently living apart. We've decided to separate."

Explaining the decision, Feeney said while there's no animosity between them it just feels like the right move.

"We've been together for like 18 years. We've spent a lot of time together - we've worked together for 15 or 16 of those years, all day, every day," she said.

"While we still love each other, and everything's all good, we've lost the spark.

Harvey said while work wasn't one of the key strains on the relationship for him, going through IVF treatment for a decade and a host of other private issues had contributed.

"It just feels like that magic, that spark's gone and we're just really good friends - almost like siblings," Harvey added.

"We're absolutely, 100 percent cool," continued Feeney.

"It's just that we're gonna start having different stories, we're gonna have different experiences to share on the air, we're gonna be seen at different things and not with each other.

"We just had to tell you [Randell] and our listeners because otherwise it's not going to make sense for a bit unless we tell you."

The couple have been married for 13 years. In September 2016, Feeney admitted that she and Harvey had split for a short time earlier that year before getting back together.

She admitted that could well happen again this time around - but added that on this occasion, she had no sadness about their separation.

"We're just lucky that we get on so well and it's all totally fine. There are people that split up and they hate each other, and it becomes very awkward," she said.

"And that could possibly [happen]. It could get very awkward at some point - and it probably will when Dom goes on Tinder."