Video emerges of Eminem getting crowd to chant 'f**k Donald Trump'

Video of Eminem leading a huge crowd in the UK in chants of anti-Donald Trump obscenities has been published online and is being widely shared.

The 'Kill You' rapper headlined the 2017 Reading Festival, where the incident took place around 10 minutes into his set.

Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, started the on-stage rant by saying he didn't want to be political and wouldn't name names to avoid controversy - before getting political and naming names.

"This motherf**ker Donald Trump, I can't stand!" he yells.

"Before we get into the next song, we would like to request something of you."

As he's speaking, a "f**k Donald Trump" chant erupts from some audience members.

"When I say 'f**k', you say 'Trump'," says Eminem, before leading the chant.

He ends the chant saying "Because he's got our country f**ked up", before launching into his track 'White America'.

Eminem, who has spoken out against Mr Trump before, is reportedly readying a new album for release before the end of the year.

The uncensored video is embedded below.