Andy the Talking Hedgehog is actually a real movie

Andy the Talking Hedgehog is actually a real movie, starring Tara Reid and Dean Cain
Andy the Talking Hedgehog poster art Photo credit:

Despite the poorly photoshopped poster and apparent joke synopsis on IMDb, Andy the Talking Hedgehog is indeed an actual movie.

The film has caused some discussion online this week after Tara Reid, one of its stars, tweeted the poster - which features a very old headshot of her, a screenshot of her co-star Dean Cain and a pull-quote that's not attributed to anyone.

The summary on the film's IMDb page reads: "Tara Reid brings her Oscar award winning prowess to this documentary about a hedgehog that Dean Cain farted on giving it the ability to talk. It's a fun loving family movie that will for sure make you say 'WOWZA. That's a stinky fart!'"

Reid has not been nominated for an Oscar, much less won one - but has been nominated for Razzies and won a Stinkers Bad Movie Award.

While the poster and IMDb summary appear to be jokes, previous social media posts strongly suggest the film's existence in reality. Maria Wasikowski tweeted a photo from the film's set in late 2016, shortly before Reid instagrammed a photo of herself in costume as a 'fairy BFF' on what looks like a green screen stage.

Andy the Talking Hedgehog is listed as being directed by Joel Paul Reisig, whose body of work consists almost entirely of similar films that feature a girl protagonist with an animal sidekick - an animal that may or may not have the power of speech.

Be Your Own Hollywood films by Joel Paul Reisig
Photo credit: Be Your Own Hollywood

Reisig appears to be the creative driving force of production company Be Your Own Hollywood, which the above films were all made by.

He is also apparently a boxer, a member of the Libertarian Party and charges people US$395 each to attend his seminars on how to make and distribute movies.

No trailer for Andy the Talking Hedgehog has yet been released, but it is scheduled for release this year - and in the meantime, you can enjoy the trailer for his previous film Arlo the Burping Pig.