Aussie concert-goer stage dives off four-metre balcony onto floor

Sickening footage has emerged from a heavy rock gig in Adelaide, showing a concert-goer launching himself off a balcony four metres up straight onto the floor below.

Multiple videos show the anonymous man jumping valiantly from the ledge during a Dune Rats show at Adelaide's Thebarton Theatre on Thursday night, expecting the fans beneath him to cushion his fall.

But fearing for their own safety, they all move out of the way - leaving the foolhardy punter hurtling helplessly to the ground beneath them, where he landed face-first.

One fellow punter, Brendon Maczowiack, caught the entire ordeal on camera and spoke to Adelaide Now about what he saw.

"Everyone started screaming and just moved out the way and let him fall. He thought people were going to catch him," Mr Maczowiack said.

"His face was covered in blood. They had to keep wiping it away. It was intense."

A security guard treated the man at the theatre, before he was transported to Royal Adelaide Hospital. He stayed there overnight before being discharged earlier on Friday.

He is believed to just have facial injuries, making him very lucky indeed.


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