Child tells InfoWars host he's a 'f**king idiot'

  • 08/09/2017
Child tells InfoWars host he's a 'f**king idiot'
Photo credit: Twitter

Footage of a child telling an InfoWars host he's a 'f**king idiot' before giving them the finger is being widely shared online and celebrated on some media websites.

InfoWars is a notorious, far-right fake news and conspiracy theory media outlet that has grown rapidly in popularity over the last few years.

The website, led by Alex Jones and admired by US President Donald Trump, has insisted the US government controls the weather, turns frogs gay and is behind several terrorist attacks and mass shootings - even going so far as to claim the young victims of the Sandy Hook massacre were "child actors".

In the clip with the swearing youngster, InfoWars host Owen Shroyer - wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with 'Enjoy Nationalism' - asks, "How are you young man?"

Looking up from their phone, the interviewee looks a little confused and annoyed - perhaps because the interviewer mistook them for belonging the wrong gender, or because of the organisation they work for.

"Um, you're a f**king idiot," they reply.

"Wow, who taught you that foul language?" asks Shroyer as the child takes a photo of him.

"My mother... in the car," they reply, before smiling, giving the finger and walking away.

Shroyer then says "oh wow, oh my gosh", before the video ends. On Twitter, he later lashed out at a story about the incident claiming to have referred to the interviewee as "young mam".

A tweet of the video has been liked just under 100,000 times and been championed on popular sites like The AV Club, Mediaite and Death and Taxes.