Designers meet buyers at New Zealand Fashion Week

It's easy to forget, but New Zealand Fashion Week is as much about the business as it is about the show.

The industry side of the event wrapped up on Friday, and with it the chance for designers to have their creations snapped up by local and international stockists.

Eighty-six designers, around 300 volunteers and up to 30,000 people will have walked through the front doors.

For bloggers and fashionistas it's all about being seen. But NZ Fashion Week founder Dame Pieter Stewart says for the designers it's about what's being bought.

"Particularly the online sites that are selling, they will often just pick up two or three pieces and go really heavy on those, whereas other stores may pick up most of a collection."

So who exactly is doing the buying?

"They're from the States, we've got someone from Tel Aviv who's running around buying hugely right now which is great, Australia of course, Hong Kong and various other country," Dame Pieter says.

One of those is Canada-based Adele Tetangco - co-founder of online shopping website

"It was perfect for me to come here, and I think I'll be able to come back with a bit of New Zealand to be able to show to the other half of the world," she says.

Tetangco knows her stuff, and says New Zealand Fashion Week is on par with the rest of the world.

"I think everybody is a little bit blown away with the amount of talent that's coming out of New Zealand," she says.

But while buying is lucrative, so is exposure.

Australian fashion blogger Brooke Testoni also made the trip to our shores.

Anything she likes enough to share is seen by her 138,000 Instagram followers.

"You guys just always surprise me, and that's the reason why I come," she says.

But with the rise of accessible fashion and social media is Fashion Week still relevant? Testoni thinks so.

"I love coming to Fashion Week because I meet new people, I'm able to actually meet the designers in person, and I think that's really important for business."

And now that the industry side of Fashion Week has wrapped, the doors are open to the public - who perhaps are the most important buyers of them all.