Fifty Shades Freed trailer teases sex and danger

  • 11/09/2017

The first teaser trailer for Fifty Shades Freed has been released and in addition to the romance and trademark kinkiness, there's a great deal of danger.

What appears to be a wooden spoon is dragged down a woman's nearly naked torso in the video, in between other flashes of sex, a car chase, a gun being shot and a knife being held to a throat.

It's the third film to be adapted from EL James' hit 'mommy porn' novels and is set for release in February 2018.

"Mrs Grey will see you now," promises both the teaser trailer and just-released poster of the film, a nod to the original Fifty Shades of Grey poster, which showed Christian with the line "Mr Grey will see you now".

Fifty Shades Freed is being called the climactic final chapter in the trilogy, which is infamous for its explicit sex scenes and their BDSM elements.

In it, Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele interact sexually and get married, but things take a dangerous, potentially deadly turn as the bride's vengeful former boss, Jack Hyde, reappears.