Married at First Sight NZ 2017: Meet Lacey

Married at First Sight NZ launches on Three this Sunday night and one of the brave singles tying the knot is Lacey. 

The 30-year-old from Tauranga is a little in the dark about how much she's going to become a household name, admitting to Newshub she's never seen any other country's version of Married at First Sight

"I don't know what to expect. But I'm ready for people to kind of know who I am and see my face in magazines," says Lacey. 

Described as 'The Boss', the career-focused and ambitious consultant says being single is hard in the age of Tinder. She went out on a limb entering the show, but says behind her tough exterior, there were some pre-wedding jitters.  

"I was pretty nervous about getting married, especially on TV," she says. 

"But I was super excited; it's the sort of experience that only comes round once in a lifetime and I'm for that." 

Any nerves were echoed in her friends and family, who she said "were probably more nervous than I was". 

"[But} I'm the black sheep of the family; this kind of thing is expected."

We played 'Married at First Scent' with Lacey at the Newshub office and she wasn't shy about making her opinions known on the men in our office. 

Watch the full video to see what went down. 

The debut episode of Married at First Sight NZ screens on Three at 7pm this Sunday, October 1.