Max Key using John Key, election to sell merchandise

Sir John Key and his DJ son, Max.
Sir John Key and his DJ son, Max. Photo credit: YouTube / Max Key Vlogs

The son of former Prime Minister Sir John Key is using his father and the upcoming election to promote his own merchandise.

Max Key, an aspiring DJ and YouTuber, has trolled fans into thinking his father would announce who he believes is going to win the election, complete with Labour and National logos on the thumbnail image.

The ten minute video, which mostly consists of Max and his friends playing around at his father's Parnell mansion, concludes with the question being put to Sir John - but then cutting him off as soon as he starts to answer.

Max is using the video to launch a line of his own merchandise, which includes white hoodies with his name written in red around a golden key, white T-shirts featuring a photo of him topless and fidget spinners emblazoned with a cartoon-style image of his face.

Sir John appears relaxed in the footage, wearing a short-sleeved, blue-and-white-striped shirt and gumboots under a pair of shorts.

Before the faux-interview, Max and Sir John perform an elaborate handshake.

The full video is viewable below.