'One of my most difficult moments' - Mark Richardson on The Block NZ finale

  • 18/09/2017

Mark Richardson, host of The Block NZ and The AM Show, has spoken out about Sunday night's rollercoaster finale of Three's The Block NZ.

"It was a tough night, one of the most difficult moments I've ever been associated with."

The show's final auction night had a number of awkward stalls, with teams making some of the lowest profits in The Block NZ history.

"During the auctions I was really disappointed for them and it was really difficult to stay positive."

Winning contestants Andy and Nate's home had originally not met reserve at the first auction, but went to a second auction after Stace and Yanita's, who thought they had in fact won.

"When we went to that final scene and all of a sudden that victory was taken off the girls, that was heartbreaking." 

With regard to Auckland's turbulent property market, Mark Richardson said the "feeding frenzy" of last year's auction wasn't there this time around.

"This was a different scenario and a different location, and the frenzy wasn't there. The pressure on buyers and the competition amongst buyers wasn't quite where they wanted it. This is what happens in an auction."

The AM Show social media presenter Aziz Al-Sa'afin said many social media users were commenting about the awkwardness of the night.

"I want to make the point though, it was actual reality – that's reality TV at its best, showing how the housing market actually looks right now."

But Mark Richardson said the show is not premised on giving contestants huge sums of money.

"All we promise is that the winners of The Block make $100,000. We don't say come on The Block and you will make a fortune. You are at the mercy of the property market and that auction room. That's all."

"We're not a charity. We're a reality TV show and we say 'come on here, here's a house…we'll set the reserves below market valuation and hopefully you'll walk away with the grand prize'."