Shia LaBeouf isn't in the next Indiana Jones

Shia LaBeouf will not reprise his role as Mutt Williams in the follow-up to 2008's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

The troubled actor has created a series of controversies in the years since that film, including multiple run-ins with the law and criticising filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Indiana Jones 5 writer David Koepp has confirmed that the character of Indiana's son Mutt would not be reprised.

"Harrison plays Indiana Jones, that I can certainly say...  the Shia LaBeouf character is not in the film," he said.

"We're plugging away at it. In terms of when we would start, I think that's up to Mr Spielberg... If the stars align, hopefully it'll be his next film."

Following the negative reviews for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, LaBeouf stated publicly that he and Spielberg "dropped the ball" - which Ford hit back at strongly.

"I think he was a f**king idiot," the Star Wars icon said in 2011.

"As an actor, I think it's my obligation to support the film without making a complete ass of myself. Shia is ambitious, attentive, and talented - and he's learning how to deal with a situation which is very unique and difficult."

The fifth Indiana Jones film is currently set for a July 2020 release.